The Brew Factory

We treat every batch like our own


2104 Highway 7, Unit 26

Concord, ON  L4K 2S9

Phone: (905) 738-0878

John Ferlisi, Owner


Q: How much does it cost?

A: Our prices range from $81.75 to $115.00 per 48 litre batch, depending on the type of beer you choose. This turns out to be less than half the price of most beer.

Q: How much is made?

A: Your beer will be about 48 litres, which is the equivalent of 6 cases of 24, twelve ounce bottles.


Q: What does it taste like?

A: At The Brew Factory, we offer you over 50 different types of beer. We like you to have maximum choice of fresh all natural beers for all your different taste buds. Usually first time brewers start off with beer they know (i.e., Canadian Style Lager).


Q: How long does it take?

A: Your brewing time is less than an hour. During the next two weeks, we baby your beer by checking it's fermentation, transferring, cold filtering, and carbonating it for you.


Q: Where should I keep my beer?

A: For your beer to last the longest, we recommend that it be refrigerated. However, as long as it is kept in a cool, dark place, it should be OK. It's very important to keep beer out of the sun, as exposure to ultra-violet rays can turn it "skunky" in minutes.

Q: How long will it last?

A: Your all-natural Brew Factory Beer is a "living" product. We filter your beer carefully after fermentation, but, unlike other major breweries, we don't add any chemicals to kill the remaining yeast. This means that, eventually, your beer may start to ferment again. If this happens, there will be a white sediment on the bottom of the bottles. It is not harmful, and it won't happen if the beer is stored properly and consumed within 3 months if refrigerated, 1 month if stored in a cool, dark place.


Q: What about bottles?


A: We offer one litre and half litre Pet Bottles. These bottles range from $28.00 to $40.00 including tax for a complete set of reusable plastic bottles. You may also bring in your own bottles in to bottle your beer. Once you bring your bottles and caps back, they can be cleaned and sterilized in our automatic coin operated bottle washer.

Q: What do I do with the bottles after I empty one?

A: In order to prevent mould from growing in your bottles between uses, rinse the bottle out with cold water after you empty it. Remember to rinse and save your caps, as well. Leave the cap off the bottle until you re-fill it. Don't expose your empties to excessive heat.


1. After you get your wine home, leave it standing upright for 5 days, then store it on it's side in a cool, dark place.

2. Remember, all wine improves with age. This is especially true of the reds, which can be kept for years if properly stored.

3. Chill the whites and the blush before serving. Add the club soda & ice for a great spritzer!